Download a Microcare Inverter Manual below

Inverter Manual – 10kW | 15kW
Inverter Manual – 8kW | 5kW
Inverter Manual – 1kW | 2kW | 3kW
Inverter Manual – Three-Phase Solution
Inverter Manual – 1kW | 2kW Mobile UPS

Download a Microcare MPPT / Solar Charger Manual below

MPPT Manual – LCD 20A | 40A | 60A | 100A
MPPT Manual – LED 10A | 20A | 30A
MPPT Manual – Programmable Relay

Download a Microcare Monitoring Device Manual below

Monitoring Manual – Battery Monitor
Monitoring Manual – Web Logger
Monitoring Manual – Battery Monitor Sensor
Monitoring Manual – 4 Channel Relay
Monitoring Manual – Wi-Fi Module

Download a Microcare Solar Pumping Device Manual below

Solar Pumping Manual – 230V Controller
Solar Pumping Manual – 1.5kW 380V Controller
Solar Pumping Manual – 5.5kW 380V Controller
Solar Pumping Manual – Solar Voltage Booster

Download a Microcare Mini Grid Manual below

Mini Grid Manual – 30kW Three-Phase

Download a Microcare Geyser Controller Manual below

Microcare Solar Geyser Controller Manual
VIDEO: How to install the Thermistor
USER TUTORIAL VIDEO: How to use the Microcare Geyser Controller App