The Microcare Wi-Fi module is designed to give remote wireless access to selected Microcare products such as MPPTs & Three-Phase Pump Controllers. This access will give the user real-time data as well as the last 24 hour (last days’) history of the unit making it easier to monitor, change and evaluate the performance.

Configuration of your Microcare device and setting up becomes more accessible and easier with the Microcare Wi-Fi module, obtaining instant access to your system without the need for an internet connection.

  • Supports multiple Microcare Devices: Three-Phase Pump Controller, MPPT
  • Creates a Wi-Fi access point
  • Connects to your Wi-Fi access point
  • Provides real-time data from Microcare device
  • Provides 24hour historical data from Microcare Devices
  • Updates device settings over Wi-Fi
  • Uploads data to the Microcare Power Monitor website
  • “Over the Air” firmware updates

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