Microcare products are designed to give the user accessibility to an installed Microcare solar system and the power generation data. The Microcare Web Logger gives the user this access through collecting of data from the Microcare Battery Monitor, Microcare Bi-Directional Inverters and Microcare MPPT battery chargers. The data is uploaded and logged to a secure server via the internet and can be accessed, graphed and monitored from any location in the world using an internet connected device.

  • Parameters of all equipment are logged on line and can be displayed
  • You create your own dashboards, one that works best for your phone, one that works best for your HD TV, one that works best for your Laptop, one that works for you as a technical installer or a simple status page that suits the needs of your granny.
  • Customisable (location, colour, type) graphs and widgets
  • 7 types for widgets
    • (Dials, buttons, cylinders, dials, feed values …….)
  • 14 types of graphs can be used
    • (Historical, real time, bar graphs …….)