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What are the Mode Options on the Microcare Inverter

Previously Microcare Inverters has 2 Modes to Select from: SOLAR CONTROL MODE or NORMAL SENSE MODE

NOW All new Microcare Inverters will have the following 3 modes available:

  2. UPS

The following applies to each Mode:

SOLAR CONTROL – The AC Battery Charger is disabled, AC and DC RUN TO voltages are enabled

This mode means the Solar Panels are given priority to supply the load & charge the batteries

UPS – The AC Battery Charger is enabled, AC and DC RUN TO voltages are disabled

In this mode the AC will charge batteries & supply the load. If you have Solar Panels it will assist the charging of the batteries when AC is present. If no AC present the Solar Panels will charge the batteries & supply the load.

LOADSHEDDING – The Battery Charger is disabled, AC and DC RUN TO voltages are disabled

Loadshedding Mode is intended to assist the end user to ensure batteries are full ahead of an anticipated loadshedding window

In Loadshedding mode the AC will supply the load. The Solar Panels will charge the batteries & keep them full until loadshedding occurs.

NOTE: There is also a SHORT CUT to switch from SOLAR CONTROL mode to LOADSHEDDING mode & back: [Hold down the MENU DOWN button & PRESS ENTER]

NOTE: Loadshedding Mode is only to be used if the installation has Solar panels connected

When do I select Solar Control Mode on a Microcare Inverter?

Solar control mode can be described as an OFF-Grid solution with AC backup. The Inverter mainly runs in the Inverter mode. The batteries power the load via the Inverter circuitry. Renewable energy charges the batteries. The system will run from battery power until the batteries have discharged to a set level. At this level, the load is disconnected from the batteries and the load is connected to the grid. As soon as the batteries are charged to a set level, the Inverter switches to Inverter mode and the load runs from the battery powered Inverter.

NEW Combined 15-cell & 16-cell Li-Ion Software

Up to now when ordering a Microcare Inverter our Sales teams would’ve asked you what battery you will be using with the Inverter.

Why? … Microcare needed to know whether to load either our 15-cell Li-Ion software (typically used on Hubble, Pylon Tech batteries)

or 16-cell Li-Ion software (typically used on Blue Nova, Solar MD, Freedom Won batteries) onto the Inverter.

This software allows the Inverter & Battery to work optimally based on the set Voltages that the Battery requires

NOW Microcare has upgraded this software to accommodate both 15-cell and 16-cell Li-Ion batteries

This new software (referred to as V21R1) comes standard with all 5, 8, 10 & 15kW 48V Inverters

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