All Microcare Inverters are Pure Sine Wave Bi-Directional Inverters designed to obtain the optimum Inverted power from the installed Solar System. Microcare Inverters come with the latest software included, to improve the automatic change over from the grid to the Inverter. Our cutting edge software innovations allow for uninterrupted supply to a range of applications from a sensitive server room to industrial machines.

The Inverter is able to anticipate load failure and pre-charges the circuits for rapid transfer of power and change-over up to 4 times faster. When the grid returns with a fluctuating voltage, the Microcare Inverter can delay to find the best possible connection time to avoid load damage. The Microcare Inverter can run at 200% the capacity continuously when the grid is present and should the grid fail, the Inverter will return to its rated power. Microcare Inverters use galvanic isolation which makes them highly robust and reliable with low standby current and high efficiency.

FAQ: Why choose a Pure Sine Wave Inverter? Answer

Does the Microcare Inverter need to comply with NRS 097? Answer


Solar & UPS Inverters

  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Lithium Ion Compatible
  • Local Service & Support
  • Bi-Directional with built-in battery charger
  • Adjustable charge rates
  • Pure-Sine Wave
  • Comms for online monitoring
  • Off-Grid, Grid-Assist & UPS functionality
  • Robust-ability to handle high and low voltage spikes
  • Fast, adjustable changeover
  • Generator compatibility

Microcare Pure-Sine Wave Solar & UPS Solutions

Electricity Cost Saving

If you are looking to save on your monthly electricity bills the Microcare Inverter is a fully Grid-Interactive solar solution when switched into Solar Control Mode. The Inverter will firstly use solar power when available, then stored battery power and lastly grid power up to a set or pre-defined point.

Grid Assisted Peak Load

 A load of up to 200% can be run through the Inverter when connected to the grid to maximize availability.

UPS & Power Backup Functionality 

Microcare Inverters are extremely capable UPS Inverters with 200% bypass capability, adjustable sensitivity to grid failures and delayed load transfer that protects your appliances

Full Off Grid Solar Mode Function

Where no grid is available the MicroCare Inverter will continuously supply AC power to the load using battery power and solar power. The Inverter can be connected to a generator and has a programmable relay function to load shed high loads if needed.

Hybrid Solar Solution

The Microcare Hybrid Solution can be sized to your specific energy and load requirements unlike the imported AII-In-One hybrid Inverters on the market. The Solution will act as a fully Off-Grid solution until both the sun and installed storage are no longer able to meet the load demand (kWh Usage).