Microcare ISO 9001 Achievements

 ISO Representative and Implementation Officer, Noel Herbiet, has been appointed to facilitate ISO certification.
 A Quality Policy and Standard have been accepted by senior management and is being ratified.
 All products that are released from production are serialised and carry a manufacturing date code for traceability.
 The phased product life cycle PTOM, controlling product development to final manufacturing has been adopted.
 All products are tested and inspected in accordance with the quality standard required.
 Work Instruction documents and Process Sheets are being developed for each product. Where these are not yet available the product is manufactured to a general set standard as required by final inspection.
 Any change to product build irrespective of nature is controlled by a formal Engineering Change Request procedure.
 All product drawings and schematics fall within a Document Control Procedure and are so controlled and a record kept.
 The process of non-conformance record keeping is implemented and a history of events kept.
 Traceability in all administrative functions has also been determined to be a priority and requirement.

Any queries regarding the ISO 9001 implementation can be directed to Noel Herbiet at production@microcare.co.za