In August of 1990 a small factory manufacturing Solar Components was started in Nelson Mandela Bay with an eye on the emerging Solar Market in South Africa. It was the first company in South Africa to venture into the new renewable energy solar components manufacturing space during a time when energy was cheap and clean energy was not often a priority. For founder Jimmy Catt and his team the dream was to pioneer this unknown manufacturing sector using local people to innovate and build proudly South African Solar Components.

Now 29 years later this Eastern Cape manufacturer is the only company in South Africa to design, develop & manufacture Solar MPPT Regulators, Pure Sine Wave Bi-Directional Inverters, Grid Tied Inverters, the unique Grid Tied Limiter, Solar Pump Controllers, the All-In-One Battery Monitor and a range of Specialised Solar Components. Despite pressure from international solar giants flooding the South African market with imported products, Microcare has quietly gone about manufacturing and exporting locally made products from the Neave Industrial plant in Nelson Mandela Bay around the world.

Today Microcare strives to be the industry leader and the Solar Component Manufacturer of choice in South Africa. This is achieved through the Microcare Core Values of Quality, Service & Efficiency. Our goal is to provide clients with the best possible South African product ensuring excellent quality, value and performance, complimented with an efficient and reliable customer services experience.

The Research and Development team led by R&D director Nelius De Lange design & develop all of the Microcare products and manufacturing complies with the ISO 9001 quality manufacturing standard. Our dynamic customer services team are available via phone or email to assist over 250 installers and distributors around the country. Microcare staff is made up from the local community with a strong focus on skills development and job creation, & internships are offered to graduates from the local university & technical schools. Microcare offers 3 Training Courses for distributors & installers around the country ensuring the installations of Microcare products are done according to a credible industry standard.

Microcare manufactures a range of Pure Sine Wave Bi-Directional Inverters starting from 300W to a 15kW Inverter. Charge Regulators are available in LED and LCD starting from a 10A through to a 100A. Microcare also caters for the Grid Tie market with its range of Inverters and the unique Grid Tie Limiter. Other products include the All-In-One Battery Monitor, Web Logger and a range of Interface accessories to give access to the Microcare Inverters and MPPTs. In 2016 Microcare launched a range of Three-Phase Pump Controllers, Solar UPS solutions and a 12V Solar Power Supply. Please refer to the Microcare website for more on our wide range of products.

While the Eastern Cape has been called the emerging renewable energy capital of South Africa one thing is for certain, Solar Component manufacturing has been going strong in this region since the 90s and Microcare plans to continue waving the local and Proudly South African flag for a long time to come.



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