The Microcare Battery Monitor 4 Channel Relay is designed to control the switching on/off of AC and DC loads at certain set capable points. Controlled by the Microcare Battery Monitor the unit can be set to switch under loads for the following functions:

  1. SOC—State of Charge
  2. VOLT—Battery Voltage
  3. TOD—Time of Day
  4. TTG—Time to Go

The relay is used for signal switching only and must be connected to a contactor or relay that can support the current requirements:

  • Set relay to switch function on/off
  • AC & DC switching at 5 Amps
  • N/O used when load is normally disconnected
  • N/C used when load is normally connected
  • N/O & N/C support any load requirement
  • Accessories: Solar Monitoring System

AC Max Switching Voltage: 230 VAC

DC Max Switching Voltage: 30 VDC

Max Switching Current: 5A