Three-Phase Inverters


Microcare Inverters can be set up in Three-Phase (Please refer to diagram below)

Please be aware of the following changes when installing a Microcare Inverter in a Three-Phase application: The order needs to be placed with Microcare as a Three-Phase system.

  1. An additional synchronisation cable and port is added to the Inverters for the Three-Phase system. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO BUY 3 INVERTERS AND PUT THEM IN AS A THREE-PHASE INSTALLATION
  2. When the Inverters are purchased as a Three-Phase system, they are no longer Bi-directional Inverters. This means that the Inverter MUST NOT be connected to MAINS power or a generator to support Battery charging
  3. An independant charger can be purchased from Microcare if additional charging is required for the battery bank. Microcare would need the following information: battery bank Size: number & size of batteries, battery bank Voltage. Is charging going to be done through mains or a generator? What size generator?
  4. We request a single battery bank to be supplied for all of the Three-Phase Inverters so that all the Inverters will disconnect at the same time due to low battery.


3 Phase Wiring

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