Remote Programmable Relay




The Microcare Programmable Relay Interface can be used in conjunction with any of the Microcare LCD MPPT range. The MPPT can be programmed to switch the relay at selectable voltages, conditions and  parameters. The Programmable Relay Interface can be used as a Load shed controller, Day night switch, Generator controller or to facilitate our Solar Assist Function where the MPPT decides (based on user   selectable conditions) when to power the LOAD / House using Solar / Wind power and when to power the LOAD / House via an external supply (like Eskom or a backup generator)

  • Load shed controller

– Relay switches off when battery voltage falls below the user  selected battery low voltage.

– Relay switches on when battery voltage rises above the user selected battery good voltage.

  • Day Night Switch

– Relay switches on when panel voltage falls below the battery voltage.

– Relay switches off when panel voltage rises above the battery voltage.

  • Generator controller

– Same operation as Load shed controller.

– Connect COM – NC (normally close) connections to generator remote start.

  • Solar Assist Function

– Same operation as Load shed controller

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