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MICROCARE manufactures its 5000th 12V Solar Home System (SHS)

In 2014 a pilot project was launched in Nelson Mandela Bay which was later adopted by the Dept of Energy to use local innovation to bring power to those who don’t have within the Informal Settlements of South Africa.

As Microcare celebrates its 27th birthday this month we are pleased to announce that we have manufactured the 5000th 12V Solar Home System

Everyone of these units have been manufactured by local technicians and installed in communities around South Africa where homes did not have access to any electricity. From the onset of the project the goal was to use local products to create jobs, develop skills and stimulate the economy. WIth such local content we have been able to achieve these GOOD NEWS goals with so much more to come on the horizon.

While the challenge to give power to every South African still remains Microcare is committed to being part of growing our economy by innovating local solutions and products.

For more on this success story of job creation and local skills development click here. Thank you for your support.
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KACO new energy is partnering with Microcare

The new collaboration with local company Microcare is opening up further opportunities for growth in South Africa for KACO new energy GmbH, and helping strengthen the German inverter manufacturer’s presence on the African continent, south of the Sahara.

The South African office of KACO new energy GmbH opened in 2013, since when it has recorded an increase in turnover of more than 300 percent annually.

To enable further expansion, including beyond national borders, Christoph Heinermann, CEO of KACO new energy Africa (Pty) Ltd., recently entered into a strategic partnership with local manufacturer Microcare. The company, based in Port Elizabeth, produces photovoltaic systems with a focus on battery solutions.

The decision was an easy one for both parties, as the advantages are obvious. The inverters produced by KACO new energy and the projects they manage have the image of “German quality at a good price”. Their market share of projects on commercial roofs, which has now grown to over twelve percent, is also based on this reputation.

As a regional company that offers qualified service and trainings, Microcare opens the door to new market segments, and rounds off the range with photovoltaic products and components manufactured in South Africa. This is a key point, as the South African government requires at least 50 percent of products to be locally produced, especially for public projects. In the case of Microcare, the products in question are battery inverters and power storage solutions adapted to the local market standards.

“We carefully evaluated the partnership options, and chose Microcare as the best partner for us,” says Christoph Heinermann. “We see the benefits of this collaboration in further improving our services and in the continued expansion of the “Commercial Roofs” segment, as well as in the Residential sector for the South Africa region.

For the rest of the sub-Saharan regions, we want to strengthen our provision of stand-alone photovoltaic systems. In other words, we will offer better access to electricity for villages and farms that are not connected to the power grid, by expediting solar power storage. In doing so, we support the need to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, which are frequently used for power generation in regions remote from the grid.”

Here, KACO new energy is acting in line with the energy suppliers in the region, who turned to renewable energy sources at an early stage, and is getting involved with the development of large-scale PV projects at the regional level. Other countries in Africa have now also turned to regenerative sources of energy, and in particular to solar power.

Heinermann continues: “Through this collaboration with Microcare, we can now cover the entire spectrum of technical solutions and services. We see this new partnership providing great opportunities for both parties and for the spread of solar PV in Africa.”

microcare-rd-director-nelius-de-lange-engaging-with-potential-clients-at-brics-trade-show south-african-pavilion-at-brics-2016-trade-show

Press Release – 30 October 2016

Local Solar Manufacturer features at BRICS International Trade Show

From the 12th to the 14th October New Delhi in India hosted the 2016 BRICS International Trade Show. Bringing together business from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa the focus was on networking for shared growth and opportunity.

PE based solar and electronic component manufacturer Destrier Electronics t/a Microcare was selected by DTI to represent the growing local energy and innovation sector at the South African Pavilion.

The event saw many significant economic announcements made. Significantly India announced it will install 10GW of renewables annually from 2017, as large-scale renewables, rooftop solar and off-grid sectors show significant growth.

Nelius De Lange, R&D Director at Microcare, was in attendance to showcase proudly South African innovation and technology.

Nelius: “Being in India and meeting the people, engaging with the BRICS businesses, seeing the energy demand in Delhi alone with a  population of 22 million people, it is apparent that our local advanced innovation is something that we can offer and sustain. Small and rooftop solar sector will need another $50 billion to meet India’s 40GW by 2022 target. Rooftop solar in particular has become the fastest growing renewable power sub-segment in India’s clean energy market.”

“The most sought after technology included Solar Pump Controllers, Battery Monitoring and small Off Grid solutions all of which Microcare has innovated in South Africa for the past 26 years.”

With international emerging markets opening up for innovation and entrepreneurship, now is the time for local business to look beyond our doorstep to the opportunities available in BRICS to boost our local economy and create jobs.


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Microcare powers NMandelaBay - Herald

Microcare powers Nelson Mandela Bay through local Innovation

In the 2016 May Newsletter: Three-Phase Pump Inverters, Microcare powers Informal Settlement homes with new product, Solar Show 2016 review, 2016 Training dates, Microcare partners with Battery Manufacturer.

Microcare at NAMPO 2016

Microcare at NAMPO 2016

Microcare 2016 Solar Show review – Sold Out or Sell Out?

Microcare recently exhibited at the 2016 Solar Show and was blown away by the support for local innovation and manufacturing once again. There is an overwhelming acknowledgement that BUYING LOCAL is the economic solution for South Africa and we all need to be supporting local innovation and sustainable job creation to get through the economic challenge ahead.

With anticipated loadshedding and the increase in electricity prices as of the 1st April (not an April Fool’s Joke unfortunately) local sustainable solutions is becoming the preferred choice of South Africans. This call for local products was evident in 2015 as Microcare manufactured over 5 000 Inverters which were installed into South African homes and businesses contributing an incredible 16MW of Peak Capacity relieving the strain on the grid.

Another stand out at the Solar Show was the flood of overseas products. As one MD of an international PV manufacturer said: ‘Every 2nd stand is selling PV panels and wholesalers have every brand of Inverter and product they can get their hands on.’ It’s understandable. Perhaps a sign of the times and the over capitalisation made in 2015 with solar experts at the show predicting that the industry is becoming too reliant on the emotional buying of the public rather than on sustainability and the bigger picture mindset that is needed on the continent and in South Africa.

History has shown that in challenging times it’s the entrepreneurs and innovators who will thrive and drive an economy out of trouble. So what if the solutions to our energy and economic crisis were in the hands of South Africans?  What if the policies created by our leaders and municipalities benefitted local innovation? If you could buy it locally would you?

To not let a sector become a victim of the economic times comes through the integrity of the industry and its passion for its legacy. The Domestic Solar Industry is in danger of becoming a sell out to the next craze or has the potential to sell out the local innovation that provides a sustainable solution. Question is which do we choose?


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