Microcare Product SpecSheets

NEW Product Info: Microcare Geyser Controllers

NEW Product Info: Microcare Modular Mini Grid Solution

Lithium Ion Battery Info: Solar MD Lithium Ion data sheets

Solar Panels Info: Renewsys Panels data sheets


Microcare Inverters & Accessories

Brochure: Microcare Inverter Brochure

SpecSheet: 1|2|3kW Microcare Inverters

SpecSheet: 5|8kW Microcare Inverters

SpecSheet: 10|15kW Microcare Inverters

SpecSheet: 300|600W Microcare Inverters

SpecSheet: Portable 1.2kVA UPS

Info Sheet: Three-Phase Applications

Poster: Microcare Inverters Poster


Microcare MPPTs & Accessories

Brochure: Microcare MPPT Brochure

SpecSheet: 20|40|60|100A LCD MPPT

SpecSheet: HV LCD MPPT (200 & 400V)

SpecSheet: 10|20|30A LED MPPT

SpecSheet: Breakerless LCD MPPT

SpecSheet: Breakerless LV Combiner & Surge Protection Unit

SpecSheet: Programmable Relay

Poster: Microcare MPPTs Poster


Microcare Solar Home Systems (SHS)

Brochure: Solar Home Solutions Made in SA

SpecSheet: 12V SHS

SpecSheet: 300|600W SHS

SpecSheet: 1kW SHS

SpecSheet: Portable 1.2kVA UPS

SpecSheet: Wind Turbine Controllers

Poster: Microcare SHS Poster


Solar Pumping Solutions

Brochure: Solar Pumping Solutions

SpecSheet: 1.5kW VSD Solar Pump Controller

SpecSheet: 5.5kW VSD Solar Pump Controller

SpecSheet: 230V AC Input Pump Controller

SpecSheet: Solar Voltage Booster

Single-Phase Kits: 0.375kW Kit | 0.55kW Kit |0.75kW Kit | 1.1kW Kit |1.5kW Kit

Three-Phase Kits: 0.55kW Kit | 0.75kW Kit | 1.1kW Kit | 1.5kW Kit | 2.2kW Kit | 5.5kW Kit

Poster: Microcare Solar Pumping Poster


Solar Monitoring Solutions

Brochure: Solar Monitoring Solutions

SpecSheet: Solar Monitoring System (Battery Monitor)

SpecSheet: Web Logger

SpecSheet: Wi-Fi Module

SpecSheet: Battery Monitor Sensor

SpecSheet: Battery Monitor 4 Channel Relay

Poster: Microcare Monitoring Poster


KACO Grid Tied Inverters & Accessories

Info Sheet: Benefits of Grid Tied

Data Sheet: KACO Blue Planet TL1 3kW|5KW Inverters

Data Sheet: KACO Blue Planet TL3 5kW|6.5kW|10kW Inverters

Data Sheet: KACO Blue Planet TL3 15kW|20kW Inverters

Data Sheet: KACO Blue Planet TL3 50kW Inverters

Data Sheet: KACO Powador TL3 60kW Inverters

Data Sheet: KACO Blue Planet TL3 92kW Inverters

Data Sheet: KACO Blue Planet TL3 125kW Inverters

Data Sheet: KACO Grid Save 50 TL3 Inverter

Data sheet: KACO Hybrid 6-10kW Inverter

Catalogue: Complete KACO Catalogue Range

SpecSheet: KACO Grid Tied Limiters

SpecSheet: HV Surge Protection Units

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