Industrial Three-Phase Battery Charger


The Microcare Mains Charger is used to create an external charging source using Grid Power , running through an MPPT to supply 3 Stage, 5 Level Charging capabilities to your battery bank. This creates an extremely safe charging system to charge batteries at the most efficient levels. The Microcare Mains Charger will accept 380VAC to 415VAC and convert the AC Power coming in to the charger to DC Power at 90VDC which will then be used to charge a 48V Battery bank.

  • 4 X 20 LCD Display
  • Optional Input and Output circuit breaker protection
  • RS232 and Ethernet connectivity
  • Fully programmable
  • 63 Days logger
  • High efficiency design with greater than 96% conversion
  • Low heat dissipation
  • Fan cooling
  • Suitable for 48V Battery Bank Charging
  • Electronically limited charge current 40, 60 Amps (Dependent on the MPPT type)
  • Manual or Auto Equalise selection
  • Floor mounted


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