Hybrid Solar and Wind Charger



The Microcare Hybrid Solar and Wind Charger is a tele-communications site management system used to primarily keep 48V battery packs charged via solar and/or wind power. The switchgear and other devices are powered from the 48V battery pack via the 4 channel power monitor. This will provide information regarding the energy usage of the site and the switchgear and can be used to optimize the sites power requirements. If the site consumes too much power the data rates can be lowered  to conserve the energy to optimize the site. If excess power is available the power output of the voice bands can be increased to extend the range therefore increasing income and speed up the payback of the system. Long before a problem arises the warning will be given to the site operators. All logs can be viewed via the graphical interface even when the site is offline.

Features include:

  • Provides solar Charging for a 48V Battery Bank up to 160A
  • AC battery charging available when solar panels inactive
  • Compact , fitting into a 19 inch rack mount
  • Views real time data on Battery Monitor
  • Remote access monitoring & Data logging

The Microcare Hybrid Solar & Wind Charger consists of:

  • Dual MPPT 160A MPPTs
  • Input for backup generator with 4 channel inputs
  • 2 channel isolated 24 or 48V power supply
  • 2 x 48V battery pack inputs and battery monitor
  • 4 channel power monitor and analyser with 2 year data retention for local data logger
  • Internet based (cloud) or private network data logger (real time data, graphs, dials …)
  • Graphical user interface
  • Includes necessary lightning protection and circuit breakers


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