High Voltage Surge Protection Unit


The Microcare High Voltage Surge Protection Unit is a critical component of any PV Solar installation providing functions such as safety and surge protection for your system. The unit offers isolation between the DC voltages that are generated by the PV modules and the solar installation allowing for safety while working or maintaining the system. With fusing and short circuit protection the PV modules and components can operate optimally with lightning protection included. The unit allows for lightning protection of the solar grid-tied inverter while offering individual string protection.

  • Available for surge protection on PV Strings
  • Surge / Lightning Protection
  • Isolation of PV DC voltages
  • Fuse Protection
  • Easy MC4 cable connectors
  • Easily connect PV arrays to solar equipment
  • To be used with Microcare Grid Tied Inverters only
  • For series string application only. DO NOT parallel the input strings


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