The Microcare Solar Monitoring System is an All-In-One site management system which will monitor and control the Microcare MPPT’s and Inverters. Operating as a battery monitor, data logger and remote display power analyzer the system monitors up to four channels of sensors measuring all aspects of the power generation and load requirements. This information is used to accurately determine the condition of the battery and the remaining Amp hours. Information is logged and can be viewed via the graphical display either as logged entries or graphed screens. The Microcare Solar Monitoring System can be connected to the internet using the Microcare Web-Logger and viewed from the Microcare secure online server.

Solar Monitoring

  • Graphical user interface
  • Battery fuel gauge, fault finder, balances check
  • Load controller with prioritized load shedding
  • Load analyzer with 2 years of Logged Data
  • Up to 4 sensors/channels can be used to monitor and control different loads or power generation sources
  • Calculates battery capacity, according to Peukert’s Exponent
  • Battery bank voltage adjustable for 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V systems

Product Variations

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Setting up your Microcare Monitoring Kit