300 | 600W Solar Home System (SHS)


The Solar Home System has been developed with low cost housing, game farm and holiday chalets, alternative accommodation and even camping enthusiasts in mind. Smart built in features such as the MPPT Solar Charger   protect the batteries whilst charging the battery up to 30% more than a standard solar regulator. The inverter allows for a television set, a set of lights or laptop, and a 12v cellular charger to be attached simultaneously, and will protect itself if overloaded by switching off. Conveniently and safely enclosed in a durable and rugged, yet aesthetically pleasing steel enclosure, ensures that the Microcare Solar Combination Box is suitable to all African continent environments.

  • Built In MPPT Solar Charger.
  • LED Battery Indicator.
  • Low idle current
  • High Surge capacity
  • 12 volt output for cell phone charging
  • 220 volt Sine Output for lights ,TV and Laptops.
  • Protection against short circuits
  • Approximately 4 watts stand-by
  • Built in Solar MPPT battery charger
  • Locally manufactured
  • Minimum Service Turnaround
  • Fan cooling for optimum performance
  • Audible Buzzer indicating faults and overload conditions
  • 3 Year Carry In Warranty


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