The Microcare 1kW Solar Home System or UPS was designed as an easy plug in solution for loadshedding and back up power for domestic and business applications and comes with Solar Charge capabilities. It is designed with the Microcare Inverter software to improve the automatic change over from the grid to the Inverter. The   cutting edge software innovation allows for uninterrupted supply to a range of applications from a sensitive server room to heavier industrial machines. The UPS is able to anticipate load failure and pre-charges the circuits for rapid transfer of power and change-over. When the grid returns with a fluctuating voltage, the Microcare UPS/Inverter can delay to a set connection time to avoid load damage. The system can run at 200% the capacity continuously when the grid is present and should the grid fail, the Inverter will return to its rated power. With the built-in MPPT the system comes with a Solar Charger for optimal energy saving. This reduces the recharge costs of the batteries and can supplement smaller loads.

  • Available for 24 (VDC) systems
  • Output power 1kW (2kW with mains)
  • LCD display and low idle current
  • High surge capacity for motor start
  • Timed overload capacity with auto shutdown
  • Available with 30A LED Solar Charger
  • 3-Attempt auto restart with short circuit protection
  • Built in, high rate, two-stage battery charger
  • Minimum local service turnaround time with a 3 year warranty
  • Fan cooling for optimum performance and component longevity
  • Audible buzzer indicating faults, overload and status