12V Solar Home System (SHS)

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The Microcare 12V Solar Home System has been designed and manufactured in South Africa for South African conditions to provide basic needs such as lights, cell phone charging and small 12V appliances. Harnessing energy from the sun the robust power supply with its built in Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) extracts maximum power from the PV panel into the dedicated battery which is enclosed in the system. With its portable and easy access set-up, the power supply is able to supply the basic power essentials required for basic living conditions

  • Easy Wiring Access
  • Digital Battery Voltage Display
  • Powder Coated Cabinet
  • 2 x USB ports
  • 12V 10A DC Socket
  • LED Lights Output
  • 10A Solar Charger
  • 12V 105Ah Battery
  • Pre Load Shed Audible Warning
  • 2 Stage Load Disconnect (1st stage USB & 12V Socket, 2nd stage Lights)




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